Math - Exponential Notion

Can someone explain this to me please, I cannot help my son with his homework

Do you mean exponential notation?

y ^ x = "y raised to the x power"

Yep - sorry

what do u need help with?

Yes - I am not remembering how to do powers - etc. can their be a number to the first power, or is that just that number ?

I am not remembering how to do powers - like, can their be a number to the first power or would that just bee the number chosen ?

its like this 3^3 is 3x3x3..... so it goes with any power..... if its 3^3 the first number is the number being multiplyed, second number is the one saying how many times you multiply.

Yes, a number to the first power means

N^1= N
N^2=NxN and so on

By definition, N^0 is 1

N^2 means N squared, or N2

yes that would be... like 4^1 is 4

Thank you very much for your help

thank you



i need help what is the combines mass of 4.5 time 10with power of -3 and 2.8 time 10 with power of -2

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asked by Trudy

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