Divide and simplify

-35+7w / 121w-605
______ __________
5 25

I know you invert the second half of the equation to multiply and then I am stuck.

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  1. Switch the first half around so it's 7w-35.
    Then factor: 7(w-5)/121(w-5)
    Then cancel: 7/121
    Then simplify.

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  2. I think you meant to type:

    (-35 + 7w)/5 divided by (121w - 605)/25

    We have a complex fraction here.

    We invert (121w - 605)/25 to become
    25/(121w - 605) and then we multiply by the left side fraction just like you did back in grammar school

    We now have this:

    (-35 + 7w)/5 times 25/(121w - 605)

    We factor the quantities (-35 + 7w) and (121w - 605).


    (-35 + 7w) can be written 7w - 35 and after we factor it becomes 7(w - 5).

    After we factor 121w - 605, it becomes 121(w - 5)

    We now have this fraction:

    7(w - 5)/5 times 25/121( w - 5)

    We can now cancel to get:



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