My teacher gave me a box and told me to see how many I could fit in the class room without taking out the heater or the desk. Ive tried many different things but I just cant figure it out. I don't know the measurments or anything. How do I do It? The desk has cupboards and stuff but they are "filled". Its due today!!! Help!!!

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  1. You will need measurements. Get a tape measure or a yardstick. Compute the volume of your box first. Call it v Llowr case).
    Then compute the volume of the room: length x width x height. Call that V. Subtract the volumes of desk and cupboards and heater from that. Call that total volume of "stuff in the way" V'.

    The number of boxes that you can fit in cannot exceed N = (V-V')/v
    The actual number will be 5%-10% less because there will be gaps where there isn't quite enough room for one more row of boxes. If you want to do a real good job, you can estimate that effect and include it.

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