I'm trying to do a lab, and I need to find the concentration of FeSCN+2 in five solutions based the calibration curve and the absorption. I have a calibration curve, the number of mLs and initial moles of Fe+3 and SCN-, the transmittances, the absorbencies, and the equation. I've tried my textbook, but it doesn't have the topic.

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asked by Felliax
  1. If you have the calibration curve, I assume it is A vs concentration. Choose your A values for the unknown, read the concn from the graph. I don't know how your graph is calibrated; therefore, I don't know the concn units, but you will need to convert that concn you find to the initial values of the unknowns. You know the dilutions you made.I'm sorry to be so vague but you don't have any numbers for me to be more helpful.

    posted by DrBob222

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