1. A closed magnetic circuit of cast steel contains a 6cm long path of cross sectional area 1cm square and a 2cm part of cross sectional area of 0.5cm square. A coil of 200 turns is wound around the 6cm length of the circuit and a current of 0.4ampere flows. Determine the flux density in the 2cm path if the relative permeability of cast steel is 750.
2. A flux of 25m wb links of a 1500turns coil when a current of 3ampere passes through the coil, calculate
i. The inductance of the coil
ii. The average emf induced if the current falls to 0 in 15ms.

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  1. 750*200* 0.4/6 10,000T

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  2. a close magnetic circuit of a cast steel contain a 6cm long path of a cross sectional area 1cm squared and a 2cm path of cross section of 0.5cm squared.a coil of 200turns is wound around the 6cm length of the circuit.A current of 0.4amps flows.Determine the flux density in the 2cm path if the retain permeability is 750

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