1. The ability of an apple to change color when exposed to air is a ____.
(1 point)physical property
chemical property
physical change
chemical change

2. Which of the following is NOT a possible sign of a physical change? (1 point)a change in appearance
a change in volume
the release of energy
a change in color

3. When a chunk of dry ice is at room temperature, a cloud of carbon dioxide vapor forms. The carbon dioxide is changing from a ____. (1 point)solid to a liquid
solid to a gas
liquid to plasma
liquid to a gas

4. A solution that contains all the solute it can hold under the given conditions is ____. (1 point)saturated

5. Which of the following properties is NOT characteristic of acidic solutions? (1 point)has a sour taste
conducts electricity
feels slippery
is corrosive to certain metals

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  1. 1.chemical change
    Sorry that's all I know!

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  2. ur a cheater from a school

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  3. 1.
    Density is the relationship between ____. (1 point)

    Correct answer (1 pt) mass and volume
    Unselected Answer (0 pts) cubic centimeters and pounds
    Unselected answer (0 pts) weight and volume
    Unselected answer (0 pts) grams and mass

    1 /1 point
    Which of the following is NOT a possible sign of a chemical change? (1 point)

    Correct answer (1 pt) a change in state
    Unselected answer (0 pts) a change in color
    Unselected answer (0 pts) the release of a gas
    Unselected answer (0 pts) the release of energy

    1 /1 point
    Which of the following is true about an object that floats in water? (1 point)

    Unselected answer (0 pts) The object is less dense than frozen water.
    Unselected answer (0 pts) The mass of the object is less than that of water.
    Correct answer (1 pt) The density of the object is less than that of water.
    Unselected answer (0 pts) The volume of the water is greater than the object’s volume.

    1 /1 point
    Three examples of physical change are ____. (1 point)

    Unselected answer (0 pts) boiling water, a nail rusting, and a melting candle
    Unselected answer (0 pts) a pond freezing, breaking glass, and a burning candle
    Correct answer (1 pt) melting ice, mowing the lawn, and carving a statue
    Unselected answer (0 pts) applying lipstick, making lemonade, and baking bread

    1 /1 point
    Suppose a customer brings a gold bracelet to a jeweler and asks for it to be changed into a gold ring. Which of the following is true? (1 point)

    Unselected answer (0 pts) The physical property of color will be changed.
    Unselected answer (0 pts) The bracelet will go through a chemical change.
    Unselected answer (0 pts) The composition of the bracelet will change.
    Correct answer (1 pt) The shape of the gold will change physically.

    1 /1 point
    Which of the following explains how water causes rocks to weather? (1 point)

    Unselected answer (0 pts) Water can melt rock material.
    Correct answer (1 pt) Water freezes in the cracks and expands, causing breaks.
    Unselected answer (0 pts) Water reacts with the rock and produces gases.
    Unselected answer (0 pts) all of the above

    1 /1 point
    How can you tell that the fireworks exploding during a Fourth of July display do not all contain the same ingredients? (1 point)

    Unselected answer (0 pts) different colors of explosions
    Unselected answer (0 pts) different shapes of explosions
    Unselected answer (0 pts) different timing of explosions
    Correct answer (1 pt) all of the above

    1 /1 point
    Which of the following explains why the chemical products from a reaction have a different mass than the chemicals at the beginning? (1 point)

    Unselected answer (0 pts) The products are heavier and sink.
    Unselected answer (0 pts) The products are lighter and rise.
    Correct answer (1 pt) The products are a gas and escape into the air.
    Unselected answer (0 pts) The products are a solid and have more mass.

    1 /1 point
    Fill in the Blank
    The main difference between physical and chemical changes is that _______ changes are not reversible. (1 point)
    Correct answer (1 pt) chemical
    (0 pts) physical
    1 /1 point

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