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Hi Boys,

This had been a very long trip. First I flew to New York and then waited 6 hours for the next plane. We finally made it to London. It is incredible here. The weather is great and the people are very nice. I saw Aunt Susan and Uncle Henry last night. We went to a very expensive restaurant for dinner. I bought you both shirts for school. Tomorrow morning we are going to watch a soccer game. After the game is finished we will go to a party at cousin Sara’s home. All of the family is going to be there. Everyone asks about my brothers and I show them pictures of both of you. I am staying at my friends house for the rest of the week. Then I will go with grandma and grandpa to Italy. Grandpa wants to see all the sports cars. Grandma wants to see the museums. I want to go shopping for presents.

Be good boys for Mommy. I miss and love you both.

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  1. Because the English was not with the Spanish, I only corrected the Spanish. I bougt you both shirts = Les compré a ustedes dos unas camisas.
    We will go to a party at cousin Sara's home = Iremos a una fiesta en la casa de mi prima Sara.

    I think everything else is OK.


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