Trigonometric functions

1)I have a right triangle. the hypotenuse is 7 the opposite leg is x and an angle is 32.

Which equation can be used to find x?
I chose D

2)A right triangle 26 is the hypotenuse,opposite leg is 15.

Find A to the nearest degree.
I chose C

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asked by Jon
  1. 1 disagree
    Sin 32 = opposite / hypotenuse
    sin 32 = x / 7

    sin A = 15/26
    sin A = .577
    A = 35.23 agree choose C

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    posted by Damon
  2. For question 1, we need a trig function that equals opposite over hypotenuse.

    Which one?

    Tangent = OPP/HYP

    To find x we use CHOICE (C).


    For question 2, we are looking for angle A.

    We use tan(A) = OPP/HYP

    tan(A) = 15/26

    Since we are looking for an angle, we MUST use the inverse key. Keep that in mind!

    Let arc = INVERSE

    Then tanarc = the inverse of tangent

    A = tanarc(15/26)

    A = 29.98163937

    When we round the decimal number above to the nearest degree, we are really rounding the whole number (our 29) to the nearest tens place.

    What is 29 rounded to the neaesrt tens place?

    Final Answer: 30....Choice (B)


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    posted by Guido
  3. Jon,

    I made a mistake.


    sine = OPP/HYP NOT tangent.

    It was a simple mistake.

    Damon got it right.

    Thanks, Damon!

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    posted by Guido

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