mrs.Goh bought 4 bags of rice at $5.28 per bag ,5 packets of biscuits at $1.25 per packet and 2.8 kg of meat at $7.40 kg per kg.Assuming that GST was absorbed by the retailer,calculate the total amount she spent ?
What would be change if she paid for all these with a $5o-note?

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  1. $5.28 x 4 = ??

    $5.28/bag x 4 bags = ??
    $1.25/packet x 5 packets = ??
    $7.40/kg x 2.8 kg = ??
    Now add all together to obtain the total cost, then subtract from $50. The difference is the change returned to Mrs. Goh.


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  2. $21.12

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