I need help please
A computer can execute 64 instructions per second. How many instructions can it execute in 10 minutes?

Multiply 3 1/6 x 9/11 x 6/17. Write the answer in simplest form

Divide 6/25 / 2/15. Write the result in simplest form.

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  1. 64 * 60 * 60 * 10 = ?

    3 1/6 x 9/11 x 6/17
    19/6 * 9/11 * 6/17 = ?
    Multiply the numerators and then multiply the denominators. The numerator in the answer is 1026.

    6/25 / 2/15
    6/25 * 15/2 = ?

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    Ms. Sue
  2. I will solve one of the questions only.

    A computer can execute 64 instructions per second. How many instructions can it execute in 10 minutes?

    Let x = the number of instructions in 10 minutes.

    We use the following proportion:

    64 instructions/x instructions = 1 second/600 seconds

    In short, we can write it this way:

    64/x = 1/600

    Where did 600 come from?

    I multiplied 10 minutes by 60 seconds per minute.

    64/x = 1/600

    Cross-multiply and solve for x.

    x = 64 x 600

    x = 38,400


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