microsoft excell 2007

when working with predefined formulas in excel,what category contains the boolean functions?
(a)math and trig
(b)recently used
(d)auto sum
my answer is c

debbie needs to print her table.which of the following is not an excel print program?
(d)entire worksheet
my answer is a

which of the following keys on a keyboard allows you to select multiple cells located in different parts of your worksheet?
my answer is b

which of the following is an example of a complex formula?
my answer is c

which of the following is a group of cells chosen to perform an action?
(b)data series
my answer is c

which of the following identifies the patterns used for each data series in a chart?
(a)data point
(b)data points
(c)the horizontal and vertical axes
my answer is c

reneee is customizing a chart for her monday morning management meeting .for renee to customize a chart,she must first select?
(a)a title
(b)the colors
(c)a chart
(d)the data
my answer is d

david has a small business and is working on an excel worksheet to help manage his inventory.david realizes cell e14 has the wrong check the problem david should first select e14 and look at the ? to check the output?
(a)formula bar
(b)name box
(d)function tab
my answer is c

can someone please check my answers.thanks so much

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  1. I'm not sure of the last two, but the others seem correct to me.

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