to ms.sue

thank you ms.sue.i will remember you forever! here's a special poem for you!

she's my favorite teacher too.
she gives me ideas,
sometimes I ask her questions twice,
she is super nice.
give a hip hip hooray,
for the best volunteer,

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asked by Celest
  1. Thank you, Celest.

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    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. You're the best Ms. Sue

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    posted by Ms. Sue Liker
  3. what

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    posted by what
  4. Nice!

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    posted by Curious
  5. Hi Mrs. Sue! I have just met you, you helped me! Thank you so much! I am new to this website!

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    posted by Milly Just Moved
  6. What is your question??

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    posted by Ms.Sue
  7. i disagree with all of this.

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    posted by Lily
  8. Not me, Lily. Ms. Sue is a great tutor. People are just so blinded by it!

    Your, friend .................


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    posted by .................
  9. That's such a sweet poem! It's so great.

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    posted by Barry Vacker
  10. Hey ms sue, we are wondering if yoru real here...

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    posted by OBJECTION
  11. oof

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    posted by genjustu

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