Social Studies 7R (Please Read!)

Please check my homework

I have to read each statement and determine if it's federalist or Democratic Republican

1. F - The role of government should be limited

2. DR - The economy should focus on farming

3. F - No one person should have too much power

4. F - There should be a strong national goverenment

5. DR - The US should be a leader in manufacting

I'm going to post more later I have to do something. But please tell me if one of them are wrong.

Thank You!

asked by Laruen
  1. Three of the five answers are wrong.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. what number?????

    posted by Laruen
  3. If I told you which ones are wrong, I'd be giving you the answers. I couldn't deprive you of being a real independent learner.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  4. You're really not giving me the answers and besides I'm going to look in my notes why it's the answer.

    posted by Laruen
  5. please tell me what numbers

    posted by Laruen
  6. here are the rest of my homework

    6. DR - Cities should play a more vital role in determining government policies

    7. F - We should avoid

    8. DR - We should have better relation with Brtain

    9. F - We fully support the Aliens & Sedition Acts

    PS - PLEASE tell me what numbers that I got wrong. My mom wants to know so that way she can help me and explain why that is the correct answer.

    posted by Laruen

  7. also:

    10. DR - We should have better relation with France

    posted by Laruen
  8. 7 is incomplete.

    I suggest you do what my daughter and her daughter did when she was in 7th grade. They read her assignment together -- taking turns in reading aloud and discussing the material as the went along.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  9. 7. F - We should avoid "mob" rule

    but can u at least tell me how many did i got wrong?

    posted by Laruen
  10. Who introduced them into Italy by Etruscan nobile

    posted by jesse

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