Could someone check my work? Ms. Sue thank you for checking for me!!

A commercial critizing oil drilling shows images of oil-soaked birds and sea otters that are suffering. This commercial is using

pathos (answer)

A commercial for toothbrush tells you that two out of three dentists prefer a certain brand. This commercial is using

ethos (answer)

A letter from your favorite charity tells you that renewing your previous year's donation is the right thing to do. The letter is relying on

logos (answer)

An online advertisement for a video game shows bright, flashing colors and intense action sequences. This advertisement is using

pathos (answer)

asked by kevin
  1. I agree with your answers.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. Thank you

    posted by kevin
  3. These are incorrect, the second one is logos third is ethos.

    posted by HIii
  4. 1 b
    2 pathos
    3 legos
    4 ethos
    5 idk

    posted by unknown
  5. #5 is A. pathos

    posted by KING

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