plz sort these words into the suffixs' -ary and -ate:


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  1. Suffix means word ending... you can look at these words and easily sort them into those that end in "ate" and those that end in "ary". If you have further questions, please repost.

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  2. Has this been set as an IT (e.g. Excel)based question? If so there are a few ways to do this, but try this.
    With the words in a column (say starting at A1)

    1. in an adjacent column use =RIGHT(?,3)
    where ? is the cell address of the word, so A1 for the first word if the column starts in A1.
    2. copy the formula down the column
    3. Then use <Data><Filter<autofilter> to collect the groups of 'ate and 'ary'

    Hope this is what you are after.

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