ammonium nitrate decomposes to N2O and water at temperatures between 250 C and 300 C. Write a balanced chemical reaction describing the decomposition of ammonium nitrate, and calculate the standard heat of reaction using the appropriate enthalpies of formation. Please include phases. Include the steps that you took

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  1. NH4NO3 ==>N2O + 2H2O
    dHrxn = (n*dHf products) - (n*dHf reactants)

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  2. When writing the equation, pay special attention to what form water takes between those temperatures.
    Ammonium Nitrate is
    NH₄NO₃ = -365.6 kJ/mol
    N20 = +81.6 kJ/mol
    H20 = -241.8 kJ/mol

    Must balance decomposition equation.
    Then it's products - reactants.
    (Answer hint: somewhere in the ballpark of -35 kJ/mol)

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  3. Aaaahh! Don't heat it to 250C. It will explode. You will form N2O slowly heating to 170C.

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