Year 12 can't do year 7 simple math-help

brothers homework question, he is up set and even i can't do, seams simple, but i just am not getting it.

"If 2*6=4,
4*1=7 and
find the value
of 5*5."
thanks guys

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  1. Your number symbols must not have their normal integer meanings, because none of those statements are true.

    Is your "*" symbol supposed to indicate multiplication, as it normally does when used in equations?

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  2. It looks similar to an old puzzle

    so 5+5=8

    based on the number of letters

    two + six = 6
    four + one = 7
    eight + three = 10
    five + five = 8

    This might give a clue, but I can't see the answer at the moment.

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  3. Jimbo, I think DrRuss has found the correct "solution"

    I don't place much value on these kind of math problems, if they can be called that.
    I think this kind of problem should be considered recreational, for a teacher to assign it as "homework" and causing a student to be upset is ill-conceived.

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  4. I am not a fan of these either apart from as an 'end game' to wind down a lesson.

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  5. It’s a tough algebra question

    Solution a*b=12 –(a+b)

    The mystery value is 2.

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  6. taj mahal is an indian temple.go to google for forther info

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  7. hey, jqzbh cfphyvw

    your spelling is a little wrong, it might be some colloquial spelling or whatever but here it is..

    khalarm øµjy foxy herr, empikl ngrœ UPS vawpuk turi çyƒåoup

    that should be correct...

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  8. The answer is 6. Trust me, if you look closely, it's 6.

    You have to add and subtract a few and multiply and DIVIDE! So many,


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  9. i cant tell the difference ....
    i cant even do it and im in year 12

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