Astronomy NEOs

When Stuart ( 2003) revised the magnitude for spotting NEOs comets, over 1KM etc from H =18 to H 17.75 ... did this increase , decrease, or did the population of NEOs stay the same.

and why ???

Me personally ..I think the number of NEOs over 1 KM has decreased it is now easier to spot the larger NEOs with the revised magnitude calibration.....

But would appreciate input from others :-)


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asked by Lewis
  1. The abundance or population of Near Earth Objects in the solar system, that are greater than 1 km in size, is independent of our ability to see them. (The change from 18 to 17.75 for the detection threshold visual magnitude will make then harder to see).

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    posted by drwls
  2. Drwls..Thanks

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    posted by Lewis

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