monitoring student progress

[RECALL] that before a teacher assigns homework or tests, he or she needs to monitor students’ progress to determine their level of understanding. Monitoring techniques include both formal and informal observations

[IDENTIFY] a time-efficient way to monitor independent student work (other than a student raising a hand to signal a need for help)

[DESCRIBE] two ways to refocus student attention when students are working in groups.

[IDENTIFY] special challenges associated with monitoring English language learners.

[SUGGEST] one way to monitor the progress of the English language learners.

[EXPLAIN] how a teacher can monitor student homework.

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asked by mika!
  1. If you're taking this class because you want to be a teacher, why are you "dumping" this assignment on a homework board?

    If you're serious about becoming a teacher YOU need to think through these instructions and think of your own answers.

    We'll be glad to comment on and critique your answers if you post them.

  2. This seems like something that would have been covered in class or in a textbook. Maybe you should check your notes and look in the text. If you don't have those, you could call a friend, but it doesn't look like you attempted the work yourself.

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    posted by Adeline
  3. I am currently in this class, and its not that difficult to GOOGLE the questions inorder to find the answers. Maybe if you alloted yourself with more then 2 hours.

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    posted by E.

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