How would you prepare 455 g of aqueous solution that is 6.50% sodium sulfate Na2SO4 by mass?

percent by mass = grams/100 g solution.

X grams/455 = 0.065
solve for X. Subtract 455-X to calculate how much water must be added.

ok i got -454.935 is this right

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asked by Lauren
  1. Does it make sense to you that you can subtract 454.935 g from 455 g to make a 6.5% solution? What's X? X is the amount of Na2SO4 that must be added to some water to make the 6.5% solution of Na2SO4.

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    posted by drbob222
  2. so then i did it wrong... :( is it 142g for the Na2SO4 that needs to be put into there

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    posted by Lauren
  3. No.
    (X/455) = 0.065
    X = 455*0.065 = ??
    Grams water = 455 - ?? = xx

    Then check yourself.
    (??/455)*100 = 6.5%

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    posted by drbob222
  4. 29.575/455*100=6.5%
    Yay :)

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    posted by Lauren
  5. I would round the 29.575 g Na2SO4 to to 29.6 grams. Remember the question. The question was how to prepare 455 g of a solution that was 6.5% Na2SO4. That answer is to dissolve 29.6 g Na2SO4 in 455-29.6 g water (which would make a total of 455 g).

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    posted by drbob222

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