How much does an average fourwheeler weigh?

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asked by Sam
  1. I hope this isn't for your volume project. The weight of anything isn't measured in any kind of liters.

  2. nope this is mass

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    posted by Sam
  3. I would GUESS a 4-wheeler might weigh in the neighborhood of 200 or 300 lbs. There must be a variety of weights among the different brands (and there are some kiddie 4-wheelers, too). Anyway, convert 200 lbs to grams or kilograms and that get you in the ball park.

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    posted by drbob222
  4. okay thanks

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    posted by Sam
  5. what helps some single-celled organisms move or feed themselves? It has to be a five letter word ending in a. I've looked all through my text book and can't find it!! Thanks!

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    posted by dj

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