can you please look over this essay I'm already late and need to turn this in today?

Most people believe that America waged war against Iraq in March of 2003. But the truth, unannounced to many, is that America, along with Britain, had already planned to destroy Iraq twelve years before the war began. America and Britain had aimed to send massive bombing raids to completely destroy Iraq, with the intention of furthering their plan. The only dilemma was that America and Britain couldn’t put it into action. But the perfect opportunity came on September 11th with the terrorist attacks on the World Trading Center and the Pentagon. America and Britain then put their plan into action by blaming Iraq. This fooled over 50 % of Americans into believing that Iraq posed a threat to the United States. And this number increased to 70% when the Government-media propaganda campaign began persuading Americans. But this plan failed in 2003 when President George W. Bush admitted that the leader of Iraq, Suddam Hussein, had no part in the September 11 attacks. But not within hours after admitting this, President George W. Bush began saying Iraq had so called “weapons of mass destruction”. And with this America went to war.
Now hundreds of soldiers are dying in the war against Iraq and families are torn apart from the deaths of those lost. This was a war, according to President Bush’s statement, to eradicate “weapons of mass destruction.” However, the truth, according to serendipity, is that this was a war for the control of Iraq’s oil supply and through the control of Iraq’s oil America can gain power and wealth.
There are copious definitions for the word “power.” But one stands out above them all. According to Microsoft Encarta Dictionary one of the definitions for power is “to control and influence over other people and their actions.” This definition seems to coincide exactly with what America is trying to do. Gain absolute power. And according to serendipity, America truly is.
-“The main reasons for the US invasion of Iraq were to gain control of Iraq's oilfields, to establish military bases in Iraq from which to dominate the Middle East and eventually (by controlling oil supply) to establish control over all countries dependent on oil….”-
America’s first step in gaining more power, according to this excerpt from serendipity, is for America to gain control of Iraq’s oil supply. With control of Iraq’s oil supply America will be able to dictate who gets oil and who doesn’t. The next step for furthering its power is by establishing military bases in Iraq. This will build trepidation in bordering countries and make sure that no one gets Iraq’s oil except America. And then finally, with in time, America will establish control over all the countries dependent on oil. After these three steps America will be able to sell its oil to who ever it pleases. And with selling its oil, comes wealth.
What comes to mind when you think of wealth? An enormous mansion? Piles gold, silver, and diamond jewelry? Millions of dollars? Well in America’s case, wealth is in the rise of the U.S. dollar.
-“After control of the oilfields the next most important reason for the US's takeover of Iraq was that Iraq had begun to accept payment in euros for its oil, opening the way for all major oil producers to do this. Were this to happen then the Euro would probably become the world's reserve currency, not the dollar. This would have a major negative impact on the US economy (would, in fact, cause the collapse of the US economy) and would also severely reduce its ability to pour money into its weapons programs.”-
According to this statement, if more oil producers begin accommodating euros for their oil the Euro to become the new leading currency. So we can infer that America’s economy will be at stake if America doesn’t gain control of Iraq’s oil supply soon. But “when” America does gains control of Iraq’s oil, America will be able to decline the Euro as a payment for oil. With this, the American dollar will remain the leading currency. Which means America will pay less for foreign products. And less money spent equals more money saved. Thus, the wealth of America increases.
In conclusion, the real reason behind this war was for America to gain more power and wealth. And to do so, America needed to gain control of Iraq’s oil supply. So for over 15 years America has planned, lied, and covered up this real reason for going to war. However, the truth has been told. But today I still believe some Americans are still fooled by the cover-up.

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  1. For one thing, there need to be MANY citations in this paper. You need to state where your information came from. It looks as if just about every sentence needs documenting.

    When you end a sentence with words in quotation marks, the period goes BEFORE the closing quotation marks: " ... destruction."

    Delete the words "so called" -- Bush said they had them, no "so called" about it!

    Commas are needed between the two clauses of a compound sentence -- after the first clause and before the conjunction. See the first sentence of your second paragraph for one.
    See #2.

    What does "according to serendipity" mean? Is that a source of some kind? If it is, then correct capitalization and perhaps italics and/or quotation marks are needed. If not, then you need to rethink that phrasing. It doesn't make much sense.

    You need a comma after each introductory subordinate clause or phrase.
    See #3.

    What are those hyphens doing before and after one of the sets of quotation marks? They should probably be deleted.

    Be sure to re-read your paper aloud, whether there's someone there to hear you or not. You will find awkward phrasing and other errors when you read -- mostly when you stumble in your reading. Stumbling and having to start over is a big clue that you need to rephrase that section.

    Here's information about citations:
    You need to have each source cited in TWO places:

    1. the Works Cited page that is placed after the last page of your paper, and
    2. in parentheses in the text of your paper, immediately after the quotation or paraphrase.

    For example, this would go on the Works Cited page with proper indentation for the second and following lines:

    Du Bois, W.E.B. The Souls of Black Folk. Chicago, 1903. Project Bartleby. Ed. Steven van Leeuwen. Dec. 1995. Columbia U. 2 Dec. 2003

    ... and this would go immediately after the quotation or whatever:
    (Du Bois)

    The information in parentheses in the text needs to be as brief as possible. That's why there's a Works Cited page – for all the details of the listing.


    Here's a good place for information on citing in MLA format:
    (Broken Link Removed)

    Hold your cursor over the words CITING SOURCES in the left column and then click on the type of resource(s) you are working from. You will get two examples for each type of reference – one for the Works Cited page and one for the parenthetical (in-text) citation.

    You can also see what a Works Cited page looks like – click on Sample Works Cited in the left column.


    If you need to cite in APA or another format, go here:
    In the column at the left, scroll down until you see the different topics on evidence and the different styles (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.).

    (Broken Link Removed)
    This will help you with APA bibliographies.
    Also for APA.

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