I do not understand how to set up this problem so i can solve it.

Jeff Bagwell of the Houston Astros has 104 hits in 325 times at bat.
Matt Williams of the Arizona Diamondbacks has 88 hits in 275 times at bat. Do they have the same batting average?

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  1. I'd set this up like a fraction with hits/at bats. Then, to turn it into a percent, just divide the numerator by the denominator. So...
    104/325 = .320
    88/275 = .320
    Hope this helps!

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  2. how do i divide

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  3. I still do not understand. In class we are working on multiply and dividing fractions and putting them into simplest form. Do I break them both down into simplest form and then compare?

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  4. This isn't really about putting a fraction into simplest form but about turning a fraction into a decimal in order to campare two numbers. To do that, you have to divide. the bottom number slides to the outside of the divided by sign and the top number stays on the inside. For the first problem, the 325 sides to the outside, so it is 104 divided by 325. The second problem is 88 divided by 275. Once this is done, you can compare the numbers. I don't see any good way to reduce the fractions you were given and this is a quick and simple way to compare.

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  5. thank you I will try and let you know what i come up with

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  6. Okay. What grade are you in?

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  7. college refresher cours

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  8. Did figure it out, and they both have the same batting average, which is 3 1/8 times.

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