How should I attempt to start a reasearch paper on the WPA?

Which WPA are you talking about? Western Psychological Association? What aspects are you trying to explore in the WPA?

You first need to determine what specific topic you want to explore.

I searched Google under the key words "research paper" to get these possible sources:


I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum.

First of all, now that you know the subject, collect the research. Take good notes (3x5 cards work well) with the basic ideas. Be sure you do not plagerize (copy word for word) unless you select a quote. Collect the bibliography as you go.

Assume your reader knows nothing on the subject and may agree or disagree with you. Since you should reread your paper several times, first look for spelling, grammar, vocabulary (nothing too repetitive), phraseology, presentation of ideas (in the best order) and paragraph development.

Basically a paper is a paper with an introduction, body and conclusion. Begin with an outline of what you wish to say, probably 3 main ideas and the support for each one. Think of the outline as a "table of contents."

If you are interested in what you are writing, the reader will enjoy it as well.

I used to suggest to my students that they not write, proofread, etc. all in the same day. Leaving a day or two before the final proofreading you will have a "fresh perspective."

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asked by mak

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