(a) Fill in the missing amounts. (If answer is zero, please enter 0. Do not leave any fields blank.)

Account Titles

Trial Balance

Adjusted Trial Balance

Dr. Cr. Dr. Cr.
Accounts Receivable 34,000
Prepaid Insurance 26,000 20,000
Supplies 7,000
Accumulated Depreciation 12,000
Salaries Payable 5,000
Service Revenue 88,000 97,000
Insurance Expense
Depreciation Expense 10,000
Supplies Expense 5,000
Salaries Expense 49,000

so far i got 25000 debited on acct receivable in trial balance
i got $0 credited for salaries payable in trial balance

Also got 6000 debited in insurance expense for adjusted trial balance

I'm missing salaries expense for debit in trial balance
Also missing supplies debited for adjusted trial balance
and missing accumulated depreciation credited for adjusted trial balance

Please help, it's due in 1 hr.
Thanks in advance

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