A certain resistor has a resistance of 1.484 omega at 20 degrees celsius and a resistance of 1.512 omega at 34.0 degrees celsius. What is its temperature coefficient of resistivity?

ok..I used a temperature equation but I can't get the right answer. so maybe I am doing something wrong

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  1. I will be happy to check your work.

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  2. ok I used 1.512 = 1.484[1+ alpha (34-20)] and the answer in the back of my book isn't the answer I am getting

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  3. That is the right equation.

    alpha= (1.512-1.484)/(14*1.484)

    check my thinking.

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  4. ok yea! I got it now..I just made a mistake with my algebra! Thank you!

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  5. Can I ask what's the answer? Thankyou :)

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