Your opinion on Online Banking. How you feel about it.

Gurv, What do you need to know about Online Banking? Here is a site that gives the pro/con. http://www.fool.com/news/take/2002/take020115.htm
Are you writing an essay? If so, after you finish it, we will be happy to give you suggestions for improvement. Thanks for asking Jiskha

I hate online banking 'cause what if you put a bunch u money in this bank and then they decide to go oh gee I have a credit card number now lets see how I can tear it apart.

but hey that's just my opinion

thanks 'yall post more

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asked by Gurv
  1. online banking does suck but you should do it just incase a robber comes in your house and steals your money and with credit card in somewhere no one can find it is ok
    and you will still have money and not be hobo

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    posted by fraser

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