I left out a few other things I would like to include in an email. Thank you very much.

1) Unfortunately, we have just sent in our Comenius proposal for a science project on biodiversity in water with a German and a French school.
2) However,being an English teacher myself, I would (very much) like my students to be involved in an email partnership and subsequently in a student exchange programme with an English school.
3) In addition, my students will have to learn a subject in English, probably science, in their last year of high school; therefore, they will profit a lot from a partnership between our schools.
4) I was thinking of including about 20 sixteen-year-old students who are preparing for their PET certification...
(We have already corrected this part).

By the way, do you use the word "coloured pencil" or "pastel" when drawing?
A red coloured pencil
a black ball-point pen

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asked by Henry

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