there were 490 altogether in 2 groups. group A consited of only boys and group b constied of only girls. ther were 2 and a half times as many girls as boys. some girls joined group b and foe every 4 boys in group a 32 more boys jioned the group. the total number og girls was then one third the total number of boys. express the number of girls who jioned group b as a fraction of boys who jioned group a

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  1. to begin, A = 5/2 B

    a boys joined A
    32/4 = 8, so 8A boys joined the, A = 1/8 A

    b girls joined B
    So, now there are

    B+b = 1/3(9A) = 3A
    5/2 A + b = 3A
    b = 1/2 A
    b = 1/2 * 1/8 A = a/16


    A/4 = 3, so 3*32 = 96 boys joined A, making 1-8 boys in all

    B+b = 108/3 = 36
    so, 6 girls joined, or 96/16

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  2. sorry about the mistyped capitalization. The lines in error should read

    a = 1/8 A


    b = 1/2 * 1/8 a = a/16

    and there are 108 boys at the end, not 1-8

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