a long distance runer started running a course, running at an average speed of 2 mph. 1.33 hrs later, a cyclist travelde the same course at an average speed of 4 mph. how many hrs after the runner started did the cyclist overtake the runner? round answer to the nearest tenth.

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  1. Let t be the time after the runner starts. t - 4/3 (hours) is then the time the cyclist has been traveling (after he starts).

    The distance travelies by the runner is
    X1 = 2 t
    The distance travelled by the cyclist, after starting at t'=4/3 hour, is
    X2 = 4 (t - 1.33)

    Set X1 = X2 to find the time when the runner is passed.

    2t = 4 (t - 1.33)
    t = 2 (t- 1.33) = 2t - 2.66
    Solve for t and round off the answer as required.

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