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a sample of gas occupies a volume at 73. 1 mL. As it expands, it does 135.0 J of work on its surroundings at a constant pressure of 783 torr. what is the final volume of gas?

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  1. w= -PΔV

    -135.0 J = -783 torr × (Vfinal - 73.1 mL)

    -1350 J × (1L atm)/(101.32 J) = -783 torr × (1atm/760 torr) × (Vfinal -73.1 ml × 1L/1000 mL)

    Vfinal= (-1350 J × (1 L atm)/(101.32 J))/(-783 torr × (1 atm)/(760 torr)) + 73.1 mL × (1L/1000 mL) = 1.36 L

    Vfinal = 1.36 × (1000mL/1L) = 1360 mL

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