3 grade english

singular and plural pronouns
direction revise each sentence. replace the underlined words with sigular or plural pronouns.

1- some people thought of a new sport, and the sport became popular.

in this sentence the word underline is (the sport)

my son write - some people thought of new sport, and there game became popluar.

2- two teams plays that game, and the two teams try to outscore each other.

in this sentence the underline word is (the two teams)

my son write - two teams play that,game,and they try to outscore ecah other.

3- a golfer has a club, and the golfer uses the club to hit a ball.

in this sentence the underline is word is (the golf) and (the club)

my son write- a golfer has a club, and he uses his stick to hit a ball.

4- football players wear many pads, and the pads are a heavy load.

in this sentence the underline word is the (the pads)

my son write- football players wear many pads, and they are a heavy load.

5- babe didrikson played many sports, and babe didrikson was good at all of the sports.

in this sentence the word is underline is ( bade didrikson) and (the sports)

babe didridson played many sports, and he was good at all of these games.

directions write three sentence about a favorite game.use at least two different pronouns in the sentences. underline the pronouns.

i need help in here for three sentence

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  1. Jimmy likes checkers, and he is very good at playing it with his mom.

    Pronouns are "he" and "it"

    They have lots of fun playing it because they spend time together.

    Pronouns are "They" and "it"

    Sometimes, Jimmy's dad plays with them, and he can't beat Jimmy either.

    Pronouns are "them" and "he"

    Also, in the first sentence your son wrote, it should be "and their game became popular" NOT "and there game became popular"

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  2. are all the answers correct

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  3. are all the rest answers correct.

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