Writeacher, I need to rephrase a few verbs related to film stars. I also wanted to prepare a sort of vocabulary to be used when describing music groups.
Can you suggest a website? Thank you very much.

1) She's been involved in show business (?) since she was 7 years old, when she won a talent contest.
2) She first auditioned for a band at the age of eight.
Her big break came (I need to rephrase this) in 1997, when she signed a record contract.
3) After that, her group released (synonym?) several best-selling albums and in the years that followed (in the following years?) they became the most popular female group of all time.
4) They broke up (synonym: split up?) in 2005.Since then, she has had a very successful solo career (rephrase: "solo career").
5) She has already starred in box-office successes (rephrase?) such as Dreamgirls.

to record, to film, to be named etc.

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  1. 1) She's been performing since she was 7 years old, when she won a talent contest.
    (What does she perform? Singing? Playing trumpet? What?)

    2) She first auditioned for a band at the age of eight, and her first success was in 1997 when she signed a recording contract.

    3) After that, her group released several best-selling albums, and in the following years, they became the most popular female group of all time.
    ("released" is it!! No synonym for this particular meaning!)

    4) They split up in 2005. Since then, she has had a very successful career performing on her own.

    5) She has already starred in hit movies, such as Dreamgirls.

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