Writeacher, I urgently need to rephrase these questions. I didn't want to repeat exactly the same questions but the answers, of course, must be the same. Can you help me rephrase them?

1) How was Elizabethan theatre structured? Focus your attention on the description of the stages. Were women allowed to act?
2) What did James I believe to be the main characteristics of witches? What prophecies did the witches give to Macbeth?
3) Analyze Elizabeth’s I government, pointing out how she ruled and what her main achievement in foreign policy was.
4) What features characterize Lady Macbeth’s personality, and what kind of behaviour does she show towards her husband in Act II, Scene II? What does she suggest he should do?
5) Can Shakespeare’s Hamlet be regarded as a revenge tragedy? Why? What are the main features of a revenge tragedy?

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asked by Henry2
  1. 1. What did the Elizabethan theater look like? How was it built? Focus...

    2. What did James I believe about witches? What did the witches prophesy in Shakespeare's play Macbeth?

    3. Describe England's government during Elizabeth I's time. How did Elizabeth I rule? What was her main achievement regarding other nations at the time?

    4. Describe Lady Macbeth's character traits, including how she treated her husband in Act II Scene 2. What did she tell him to do.

    5. What are the characteristics of a revenge tragedy? Is Hamlet thought of as a revenge tragedy? Explain why you do or do not think so.

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