The average power dissipated in a stereo speaker is 54 W. Assuming that the speaker can be treated as a 4.0- resistance, find the peak value of the ac voltage applied to the speaker.

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  1. Is 4.0- supposed to represent 4.0 ohms?

    If so,
    Average power = Vrms^2/R = 54 W
    = 1/2 * peak power
    Vrms^2 = 54*4 = 216 volt^2
    Vrms = 14.7 volt

    Vrms is called the "root mean square" voltage, the usual value cited for alternating currents.

    The peak voltage is sqrt2 times higher than Vrms, or 20.8 V

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  2. still don't understand where the 20.8V comes into it how u get that?

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  3. I multipl1ed 14.7 (the root mean squere voltage, Vrms) by the square root of 2. That results in the peak voltage, for a sine wave variation. A single-pitch sound is a sine wave, and that is what a speaker would receive.

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