How to prepare 100mL of 3% w/w Hydrogen Peroxide from 30% w/w Hydrogen Peroxide?Specific Gravity of 30%w/w Hydrogen Peroxide is 1.11g/mL.
Can you please show the calculation steps? Thanks.

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  1. 30% w/w is 30 g/100g soln.
    So you want 1/10 that.
    Dilute 10 g (that's 10/1.11 = 9.00 mL) and add H2O to 100 g total = 3% w/w The volume should be very close to 100 mL.

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  2. if u want 50 ml of H2O2 %3
    3/1.11=2.7 29.7 2.7
    2.7+27=29.7 50 x x=4.54 ml from H2O2%30

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  3. Please Give Response and Clear Calculation
    if u want 50 ml of H2O2 %3
    3/1.11=2.7 29.7 2.7 (not understand this part)
    2.7+27=29.7 50 x x=4.54 ml from H2O2%30 how would the 4.54ml,Explain

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  4. How to dilute 30%hydrogen per oxide (H2O2) into 3%? What diluent should be used?

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