I am a set of 5 whole numbers that are less than 30. My median is 10. My range is 15. My mode is 10. The smallest number in my set is 10. My mean is 14. What are my numbers?

asked by karina
  1. list the values in ascending order:
    x x x x x
    median: 10 (middle value is 10)
    x x 10 x x
    smallest: 10 (first value is 10)
    10 x 10 x x
    mode=10: (no new values possible between smallest and median, which are the same)
    10 10 10 x x
    range: 15
    10 10 10 x 25
    mean: 14 (means sum = 70)
    10 10 10 15 25

    posted by Steve

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