1. Which way of asking for action carries the highest level of politeness? (Points: 5)
A polite order
An indirect request
A question (*)
An order

2. Which of the following statements most effectively applies the you-attitude? (Points: 5)
"We began processing your application today."
"Your application is now being processed." (*)
"We will have your application processed by next Thursday."
"Your application will be processed by next Thursday."

3. "You can't qualify for a Home Beautiful credit card until you are 18 years old." Indicate the alternative that both correctly evaluates the sentence and correctly explains the reason for the evaluation. (Points: 5) Good you-attitude because it begins with the word "you"
Good you-attitude because it focuses on what the reader will (or won't) receive
Lacks you-attitude because it does not thank the reader for shopping at Home Beautiful
Lacks you-attitude because it does not protect the reader's feelings (*)

4. In which of the following situations would using the word "you" typically NOT be appropriate? (Points: 5)
When you must inform a subordinate that she has inadvertently made a costly error(*)
When you must inform a subordinate that you have passed her idea on to your superior
When you want to focus on what the reader will gain from your new policy When you want to congratulate your subordinate for her promotion

5. You are attending a professional conference and are privileged to be introduced to Caroline Peters. You know nothing about her except that she is an executive at a very successful company. You have an idea that you would like to talk over with her. How should you address this person during your conversation? (Points: 5)
Madam Vice President
Mrs. Peters
Ms. Peters(*)

6. "XXXXX XXXXX, star of a highly rated local talk show and Juliana Karr, an African-American model, will co-host the new travel show." This statement is racist because: (Points: 5) it is grammatically incorrect.
race was mentioned for only one person described and it does not seem relevant to the story.(*)
it compliments only one of the two hosts.
it does not describe the show itself in detail.

7. You are writing to alumni of a fraternity raising money for a scholarship. If you cannot personalize the letters, what would be the best salutation? (Points: 5)
"Dear Brother"
"Dear Sir"
"Dear Wealthy Alumnus" "Dear Alpha Kappa Psi Member" (*)

8. In which of the following situations is it MOST appropriate to deemphasize negatives? (Points: 5) When the reader must correct a dangerous practice
When you are denying a customer's request for credit(*)
When you are fining a company for polluting the environment
When you are hiding the negative news so you do not appear dishonest or unethical

9. Which of the following is sexist? (Points: 5)
"Our team leaders are Clarke Betz, Brian Earley, and Carole Wagner."
"Our new sales reps are Mr. Betz, Mr. Earley, and Ms. Wagner."
"Our new sales reps are Mr. Betz, Mr. Earley, and Carole." (*)
"Our new sales reps are Clarke, Brian, and Carole."

10. The dean of students is announcing a reception for new nontraditional students. Which of the following is the BEST subject line? (Points: 5) Nontraditional Students
Reception to Welcome Nontraditional Students Who are Attending the University for the First Time
Will You Help Us Welcome Nontraditional Students?
Reception for New Nontraditional Students (*)

11. What is a proper organizational strategy for an informative message? (Points: 5)
Background information, negative elements, main idea(s), goodwill ending, benefits(*)
Benefits, negative elements, main idea(s),
benefits, background information, goodwill ending Main idea(s), background information, negative elements, benefits, goodwill ending Goodwill ending, benefits, negative elements, background information, main idea(s)

12. Informative and positive messages are not necessarily short. Instead the length of a message depends on all of the following EXCEPT: (Points: 5)
your purposes.
the audience's needs.
the complexity of the situation. whether a letter or memo is chosen to deliver the message.(*)

13. Which statement presents a negative element in a positive way? (Points: 5)
The part can be replaced at no charge only if your unit is less than two years old(*)
If your unit is too old, you will have to pay $49 for a replacement part.
We cannot replace the part for free on those older units.
You won't receive a replacement part until you send us $49.

14. When writing informative and positive messages, you should include reader benefits when: (Points: 5)
the reader's attitude toward the information doesn't matter.
you are presenting policies.(*) stressing benefits may make the reader sound selfish.
you are presenting factual information only.

15. Which of the following statements about how the standard pattern for informative and positive messages should be applied is essential? (Points: 5)
Use all five of the elements of the basic organizational pattern.
Present each element in a separate paragraph of its own.
Present the organization elements precisely in the order that then are given.
Understand the rationale behind the pattern so you can modify it when needed.(*)

16. Rick has a private matter to talk to his supervisor about and prefers not to leave any sort of "trail" that could possibly reveal that he had even communicated with her. He should deliver his message via: (Points: 5)
a phone call.
a face-to-face visit. (*)
instant messaging.

17. Which of the following would NOT be an informative or positive message? (Points: 5)
procedures manual
Direct request (*)

18. Which of the following would be classified as an informative or positive message? (Points: 5)
A request for information
An announcement of a policy that reduces benefits
A memo for the file recording actions and rationales(*)
A letter to an employer announcing you have accepted another offer

19. When you grant a customer's request for an adjusted price, discount, replacement, or other benefit to resolve a complaint, do so: (Points: 5)
after you explain your own process in making the decision.
in the first sentence of the letter.(* in the middle of the letter, to deemphasize the fact that you are giving in to the customer.
in the last paragraph, so you leave the reader with a good impression.

20. Which is an effective strategy for ending an informative letter to a new client? (Points: 5)
Stress that the reader is welcome to call you anytime if more information is needed.(*)
Refer to your company's future relationship with the reader's organization.
Mention your company's reputation in the field to reassure the client that dealing with your company was a good choice.
Apologize for not being able to provide a particular service that the reader has inquired about. -----

can you please check my answers i put (*) next to the correct one
thank you

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asked by sososola2012
  1. 1. C 2. D 11. C 20. B

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    posted by Cool2100

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