Lab Equipment

What is a square mesh with a fiber center used for support? 9 letters, ends with an E

What is a porcelain container used to heat things? 8 letters, second letter is "R"

What type of bottle is used for storing acids and bases? 7 letters, _E_G_ _T

Help? Thanks!

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  1. #3 may be reagent.

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  2. I always called those "asbestos centered wire gauze." Wire gauze is two words but 9 letters total and ends in e.

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  3. thanks, I also found that number 1 wish wire gauze. Now I just need number 2

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  4. alright sorry, I posted that before I saw your second answer

    but number 2 is crucible so I am all set.

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  5. #2 is crucible. It evaded me for awhile until I realized it was something we USED as a holder to heat a material and the heat was supplied by something else.

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  6. For # 15 across (a square mesh with a fiber center used for support) it is wire gauze

    Monday, August 31, 2015

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  7. I cant get it

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