please help me do having so much trouble ...i need to solve this problem in quadratic formula...


thank you so much for helping..if u can do this and help me then i can do the rest of my homework....i

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  1. This looks like a "prime" quadratic. With trial and error trying:

    (-4t )(t )


    (-2t )(t )

    you cannot get it to work. So there are no "interger" solutions. You can use the famous "quadratic equation" to get an approximation. ARe you familiar with this?

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  2. this is a quadratic formula...i need to solve it using the quadratic formula!!

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  3. ok. I assume you know the quadratic formula. It is hard to write it here. In your example, a = -4, b = -9 and c = -3. So, when you plug these in, you end up with (9+sqrt43)/8 and

    this is approx: 15.56/8 and 2.44/8. These are your 2 solutions.

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  4. woops...slight mistake.

    It's actually: (9+sqrt33)/8 and

    or 14.74/8 and 3.26/8.

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  5. -b = 9 all right
    but 2a = -8
    -b/2a = -9/8 not +

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