I really need help on this problem.

A sector has area of 15 in^2 and central angle of 0.2 radians. Find the radius of the circle and arc length of the sector

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asked by missy
  1. area of whole circle /15 = 2π/.2
    area of whole circle = 30π/.2 = 150π

    then πr^2 = 150π
    r^2 = 150
    r = √150 = 5√6

    arclength = rØ = 5√6(.2) = √6

    or if you don't know that formula .....
    arc /(2π(5√6) = .2/(2π)
    arc = 2π(5√6)(.2)/(2π) = √6

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    posted by Reiny

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