a) You are sitting at the center of the back seat of a car without seat belts and friction is low. The car suddenly makses a right turn. Describe what happens to you. WHich of Newton's laws is applicable?

The car would be goind straight before the turn so when it suddenly turns you also turn with the car. At first you were accelerating forward. Newton's first law be applicable here or is it the second law? Also is my think also correct?

b) A mass sits on a table and the table sits on the Eart. List all foreces acting on the mass, and state whcih forces are third law forces.

1. earth pulling the mass, 2. mass pulling the Earth, 3. table pushing mass 4. mass pushing table 5. normal force from table and 6. gravitational force on mass. The first 4 forces would be third law forces since they involve two different masses.
Is this right?

a) Your thinking is flawed. Intially you are NOT accelerating. When the car starts turning right, you body tends to keep going forward at constant speed relative to the ground below, becasue of Newton's FIRST law. Relative to the car, your mody shifts to the left.

b) All forces are "third law" forces since they have equal and opposite forces opposing them, but only one of the pair act ON the mass. Those would be your #1 (or 6) and #3. Your #6 is the same thing as #1.

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asked by Benji

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