So, I need zo post my question again...

I have to write a report for school on the topic of film music.

I want to show my class mates how different you feel when you see a movie scene with two different musics.

So I was looking for two versions of a scene of any movie. One version should be with the 'real' soundtrack and the other with a different music.

Thanks John for your idea about the Harry Potter features. Does anyone has the link where I could see this bonus material??

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asked by Kelly
  1. Thank you for reposting your problem. I don't think I posted this before:


    2. (Did you see this one on UTube?)

    3. (the Japanese version! More background noise but music there as well.):

    4. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what John was referring to in the Harry Potter film(s):

    Perhaps you could do a search here:

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  2. I was referring to the bonus material in the Harry Potter DVD. There was such a feature where you can see the director talking about something like 'how to edit a scene'. There they are comparing different music and sound effects versions.
    I think that would be quite a good thing for the report. But I don't know exactly where you can download these extras material. I know you can somewhere but I can't remember the webside. So maybe anyone else knows how to help.

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    posted by John

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