help spanish

I am having a very diff time with htis

answer these questions negatively - indicating that wjta is being asked already happened.

1. Vas a buscar una tiends de computadoras en el centro comercial?

2. Vamos a encontrar muchas rebajas en el centro?

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  1. ¡Hola, Sam! Great that you are beginning your homework early. Apparently there was no model or example for you to follow?

    1. No, ya busqué una tienda de computadoras en el centro comercial. (No, I already looked for a computer shop down town.) This is no doubt what you are to do, because I remember you were doing the Preterit.

    2. Now, this depends upon whether a group of people are asking another person. = No, ya encontraron muchas rebajas en el centro. (No you-all already found, etc.) OR if you are included in the group (we) = No, ya encontramos muchas rebajas en el centro.

    Do you understand everything above?


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  2. How do i know which one they are referring to encontramos or encontraron

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  3. If you had no model, you can't tell! If it were a test and it is not specified either would have to be accepted.


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