i have a debate tomorrow at school and need tips on rebuttal and how to coclude/summarise my teams arguments. our topic is "the best part of the radio is the off switch" and my team are the affirmative side.
if you can please help me

Wouldn't it depend on what was playing? There is a big difference between Mozart and Rush L. In the latter case, I agree, unless I am driving and need to stay awake.

i think it means that it is full of rubish
-it can be a distraction while driving
-it is a waste of money
-too much swearing
- too many adds
i need help putting it together

Well, my point is that some things are not rubbish, and some things are not distracting (Mozart) and your other arguments fall away on Public radio. (No ads, no swearing, no money).

So, my point is that surely your opposition will bring these points up, and you need to be able to rebut them, or yield on them. Now on many other things, your argument will hold. So I suggest you be able to resond and yield on these points, and summarize your teams arguments with this yield. Be prepared...Mozart rules. Be prepared to yield on some points.

other peoples radios can be terrable to be near

Having the radio or TV on can interfere with personal communication between people, especially among those who have some hearing problems.

Keeping the radio on can interfere with communicating to develop personal relationships — or to deal with relationship problems.

I hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

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asked by sarah
  1. ask the audience questions (that they don't anwer that will make them focus on your debate. e.g. Do you really think adverts and a load of music is all that interesting?

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    posted by livi
  2. i have to do a debate tomorrow and i don't know what to say. i have to be a proposer on "children should be seen and not heard." i really don't no what to say

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    posted by blaire

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    posted by ELIZA
  4. a woman place is in the home

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  5. tukp jhzdyx jmiwszy uykmelafd wfskc praxchni maxoyhs

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  6. Why Should children be seen not heard?

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    posted by Simi
  7. yes they should because the intend to help the world out of poverty and natural disasters

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    posted by anita
  8. i think that the answer to this
    debateis nothing at all!!!!!!!!!

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