A copper (Cu) weight is placed on top of a 0.24 kg block of wood (density = 0.60*10^3 kg/m3) floating in water. What is the mass of the copper if the top of the wood block is exactly at the water's surface?

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  1. Vb = 0.24kg / 600kg/m^3 = 0.0004 m^3. =
    400cm^3 = Vol. of block of wood.

    Mass = 400cm^3 * 0.001kg/cm^2 = 0.4 kg = mass of water displaced = mass of copper + block.

    Mass of CU = 0.40kg - 0.24kg = 0.16 kg

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  2. Correction: 0.oo1kg/cm^2 should be
    0.001kg/cm^3. Does not affect results.

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  3. eh! wrong...

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