I have been given an essay on should students be allowed to dissect frogs in their biology class. I have taken a positive stand but i don't know where i can get get help from. Can u pls help me?

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asked by e.v.a
  1. You need to think this question through yourself. The basic questions are:
    Do students benefit more from actual dissections?
    Do the frogs suffer to help these students?
    Where would our medical science be if people couldn't study the bodies of once living creatures?

  2. In actual fact, ithink they do and that it helps them have more practice with their hands but im just not sure of myself.

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    posted by e.v.a
  3. I suggest you write your thesis statement and then support the three points in the body of your paper. Use your own ideas and experiences for these supports.

    The best way to become more sure of yourself is to start in writing. :-)

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