This is on demonstrative adjectives and are fill in the blanks.

____ pantolones son bonitos y el precio no es muy alto. Si, las dos cosas son geniales. Tambien me gustan ____ sueteres que estan cerca de ti. ?De que talla es _____ sueter negro, el de solo un color?

asked by Lindsay
  1. I'll email this to SraJMcGin. In the meantime, please post what you think are the answers.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. I need to know WHO is telling the story:
    "my" = mi, mis
    "your (familiar singular" = tu, tus
    his = su, sus
    her = su, sus
    your (formal, singular) = su, sus
    our = nuestro/nuestra/nuestros/nuestras
    your (familiar plural) = vuestro/vuestra/vuestros/vuestras
    their = su, sus
    your (formal, plural) = su, sus

    In other words, I need ALL the instructions and/or a model (if there is one).


    posted by SraJMcGin

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