i am wondering if the following answer to my math problem is correct

f(x)=x^3-4x-2 [2,3]

We are doing limits and are suppose to use the Intermediate value thereom

the answer i put was f(2)<o and f(3)>0

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asked by rudy
  1. what are the multipuls of 15

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    posted by allie
  2. 30 45 60 75 90 105 so on

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    posted by rose
  3. help with my problem!!!

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    posted by rose
  4. i am not sure how the multiples of 15 come into this problem?

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    posted by rudy
  5. lol u ppl are funny u know there is such a thing as "post new question" at the top of the page not sure if u spotted it ppl are less likely to answer ur question if u post on other ppl's questions.

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    posted by Anonymous

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