I needed to write a good thesis statement for my english class about how people consume the news.
This is what i have tell me if its good, if not please help me revise
Back in the day people of a particular age would consume news by reading the newspaper, watching the news, or hearing the news by phone or by radio, now the internet has changed the game!

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  1. It's much too wordy. I doubt if it accurately tells what the paper is about.


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    Ms. Sue
  2. LOL - what particular age?
    I am 74 and get a lot of my news on the internet, a little on the car radio, local news from local paper (but often the online edition), and TV only if it happens to be on at a restaurant where I am eating.
    I used to get most of my news from the newspaper and radio. (TV and internet did not exist)
    So I agree with your hypothesis.

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  3. Sorry I wasn't trying to be offensive.. I asked my grandparents and they told me ways they consumed the news back in the day and how drastically different it is now.. That's why i said that

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  4. I am not offended. You are doing just fine.

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  5. You should probably say "people of the age of my grandparents" (probably similar to my age).

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  6. maybe something like:
    The internet and TV have largely replaced newspapers and radio as news sources for my grandparents.

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